Why do we exist?

In 2017 when I began learning about crypto I had no roadmap. I went too deep on concepts I had no business learning about. It took podcasts, books, white papers, and endless nights scrolling Twitter to build a foundational understanding of Bitcoin and some of the more popular crypto assets. If you asked me to quantify the time, I'd estimate..

Began learning in March 2017 (as of 2021 that was 4 years ago)
4 years converted to days is 1,460 days
Dedicate about 30 minutes to crypto per day so...
1,460 days multiplied by 30 minutes equals 43,800 total minutes
43,800 minutes is the equivalent of 730 hours

While many of those hours were burned on noisy articles and crypto Twitter, I uncovered a few gems along the way and developed my own semi-reliable bullshit detector. Now when heavily marketed projects grab headlines it's become easier to identify and disregard them.

The problem is that it took me a long time to develop this filter. I was a really inefficient learner.

As friends and family became interested in crypto I'd pass along as much knowledge as possible, but there was always more to say. It was impossible to explain how Bitcoin mining worked over text. So I created a Google doc and converted it into this website.

We are a 101 resource for anyone new to crypto. We want to be the first thing sent to someone looking to learn about Bitcoin for the very first time. It's meant for the family member that makes fun of Bitcoin over the holidays, but deep down wants to learn more.

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