The most useful podcasts, articles, and books I discovered while learning about crypto. These resources will provide a foundation so that your crypto learning rate increases. From simple definitions (like "mining" and "forking") to explaining how the blockchain works, this material will cover everything you need to know.


An audible crash course on crypto. These are the single best podcast episodes I've come across.

#1 Invest Like the Best
Best crypto 101 pod I've ever listened to, check out Part 2 & Part 3
#2 The Tim Ferris Show advanced
Nick Szabo and Naval discuss money and Bit Gold, the precursor to Bitcoin
#3 The Kevin Rose Show
Andreas Antonopoulos explains the separation of "money and state"


Thought provoking articles. Quick reads if you have a few minutes.

#1 Reddit
Comments are the best part
#2 Union Square Ventures
Fat Protocols
6 min read
Joel Monegro explains where crypto value will be captured
#3 The Coinbase Blog
Fred Ehrsam's take on Ethereum and why it might surpass Bitcoin
#4 The New York Times
Marc Andreessen on why he's excited about Bitcoin


An easy introduction to crypto is reading up on the history of Bitcoin. It's a fascinating story that begins in the aftermath the 2008 financial crisis.

#1 Nathaniel Popper
First book I read on Bitcoin
#2 Saifedean Ammous
Widely considered the go-to book on Bitcoin
#3 Chris Burniske & Jack Tatar technical
The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham equivalent for crypto assets

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